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Entersoluble vacant gelatin capsule

★ Intestine-positioned drug-feeding to reduce harmful response
★ Targeted-fixed-point release:
It doesn’t disintegrate and has no crack in gastric juice for 2 hours, and it disintegrates and dissolves in intestines juice within 30 minutes, supplying complete solution for protein and peptide drugs and live bacteria preparation.   
★ Effectively reducing production cost
It simplifies the production process and technology, reduces the amount of dosage, which makes the production controlling more easily; that effectively enhances product quality and reduces the production cost.
★ The largest-scaled nationally amount of entersoluble vacant gelatin capsule with a complete rang of type and kind provides a guarantee in abundant supply.

Entersoluble vacant gelatin capsule is made of gelatin and enteric coating which doesn’t dissolve in gastric juice but dissolves in intestinal juices, called targeted fixed-point material for producing capsule. It is often used for special pack in which drug or health care products is irritating to the stomach or instable on contacting with the acid and dissolves as well as brought into use in the intestines.

Intestine-positioned-drug-feeding is to reduce harmful response for the convenience of patients; besides, it can also provide the best absorption site for avoiding taking protein and peptide drugs by month or degradation of health care products.

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