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Vacant gelatin capsule

★ Extra packing enhancing bioavailability
★ Complete range of articles: 
We are capable to produce several versions of vacant capsule, such as 00#、0el#、0#、1#、1el#、2#、3#、4#、5# and so on in our company.
★ Amount in large scale:
We can produce the annual output of 30 billion.
★ Advanced equipment:
We own advanced production process, equipment and high-quality raw materials to provide high-quality vacant capsule with wholehearted service.

Vacant gelatin capsule takes gelatin as main raw material and has special color and shape shell. It is usually used in the special packing of medicine or health care goods where there is bad smell, light sensitivity and instability to wetness and hotness. Capsule, made of gelatin empty capsule, needn’t be adhesive and much subsidiary material during production course. It is easy to disintegrate and release in gastric juice. Compared with table and pill, it has the merits of accurate dosage, easy to carry and use, as well as safe sealing and so on.

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